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Since 2001, we have been focusing on the manufacture and R&D of Crystallized Glass Stone, including Micro Crystal Glass, Nano Crystal Glass, and Translucent Recycled Crystal Glass in China. They are all high-temperature crystallization materials with silicon as the main component without resin and other additives. It has been widely used in indoor and outdoor decorative spaces, including walls, floors, and countertops. Fashiona Crystallized Glass Stone is the best substitute for natural marble and jade.



Product Series

Micro Crystal Glass

Fashiona Micro Crystallized Glass is a crystalline phase stone with a Greek Thassos finish. So it is also named Glass Thassos or Glassos Surface in the United States. The Mohs hardness exceeds 5.5 and hardly absorbs water. It is fully used in wet spaces such as indoor kitchens and bathrooms. It can be used in outdoor wall coverings because of its amazing UV protection function.
Micro Crystal Glass is fired twice, and the temperature for forming the slab is 1200°C. Various thicknesses can be customized from 12mm to 80mm, and various colors such as white, beige, gray and black. Currently, our slabs are The maximum size is 3200 x 1600 mm.


Nano Crystal Glass

Nano-white Crystal Glass is harder than traditional Micro Crystal Glass, almost void-free, and more stable in performance. A new generation of stunning inkjet printed graphics with surface veins similar to natural marble, perfect for countertop and exterior applications.

Recycled Crystal Glass

Fashiona Recycled Crystal Glass is made of 100% waste glass, recrystallized at high temperature, without any resin and colorant. It is a translucent glass material that can be used outdoors for a long time. It is the best substitute for natural jade or precious stone.

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Crystallized Chinese Artificial Stone

China is the largest manufacturer and exporter of crystallized glass sheets. In the past 30 years, a complete product system has been formed and continuously updated, including full-body and composite, solid and translucent, surface-covered and directly used as of the wall.

Fashiona Glass Thassos Slab, Tile, and Mosaic.

Micro Crystallized Glass Stone is the only artificial stone that can replace natural Thassos, and it is not afraid of acid rain and ultraviolet rays. It is hot-bent into a cylindrical surface and is suitable for various outdoor applications.

What's the Micro Crystallized Glass Stone ( MGS )

The eternal decorative material Micro Crystal Glass is the best substitute for natural crystal stones, with superior performance and low cost. Fshiona can ensure a long-term and stable supply.

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