Fashiona Glass Thassos Slab, Tile, and Mosaic.


The academic name of Glass Thassos is Micro Crystallized Glass, or Glass-ceramic, which is a highly crystallized glass decorative material at a temperature of 1200. Fashiona Glass Thassos has two product forms: Full body Slab and Double loading tile. They are both It adopts the sintering process to crystallize twice, does not contain resin and any pigment additives, and is a veritable inorganic environmental protection material.

Their crystals are more uniform than natural Thassos, transparent as jade, and hardly absorb water, resistant to acid, alkali and ultraviolet rays, and will not change or fade.


Glass Thassos is an industrially manufactured product with no variegated penetration and low porosity, requires no special maintenance and can be cleaned in conventional ways, and is more readily available and less costly than natural crystal white.


Glass Thassos is especially suitable for wet spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms. It is the best substitute for natural Greek crystal white when used as an outdoor wall covering without acid rain and sunlight.



The maximum size of Full body Glass Thassos Slab is 320 x 160 cm, the regular thickness is 2.0 cm, and can be customized from 1.2 cm to 8.0 cm according to market needs;

Fashiona Double loading tile is the perfect combination of Micro Crystal Glass and porcelain. We first developed and introduced it to the US market in 2003. The academic name of the product is Micro Crystallized Porcelain Tile. The regular size is 60 x 60cm, 80 x 80cm and 60 x 120cm, and the design thickness is 1.3cm. In the application of wall floor covering, transportation, loading and unloading process and cutting process, etc., are more convenient and lower cost than Glass Thassos slab.



Due to the flexible production process of Glass Thassos and the rich mineral resources in China, we can design a variety of product colors, and we have developed white series, beige series, gray series and dark series mainly black.


Continuous product development and updating is our vitality to ensure sustainable operation. The new generation of lightweight Micro Crystallized modified thermal insulation integrated board can be directly used as the latest material for building walls.


Fashiona's foamed Micro Crystallized Glass Panel has nine performance integration advantages of "light weight and high strength, energy saving and heat preservation, water insulation and corrosion resistance, fire resistance and flame retardancy, integrated decoration, durable earthquake resistance, fast construction, health and comfort, and green environmental protection". It is the current steel structure and An ideal combination for concrete frame structures.