Understanding the advantages of home decoration marble as a scenic wall


There are many ways to decorate the scenic wall, such as wallpaper scenic wall, latex paint scenic wall, etc., but in recent years Z by people respected and liked, when the marble backdrop. Why it will be so popular, I think its own characteristics are closely related to the following to understand the advantages of marble as a scenic wall it!

A, environmental protection building materials, high security

As we all know, marble is a natural composition, it belongs to the national A class environmental protection building materials, the use of very safe, which is not unlike the contemporary concept of decorating the house health.

Second, the color is natural, the shape is variable

Home marble color round and colorful, generally common white, black, beige and so on, especially white marble is very high frequency of use. Marble grain is clear, transparent and bright, and plasticity is very strong, can design different shapes as a strong set, very artistic.

Third, not easy to aging, wear resistance is strong

Home marble is not only ornamental strong, it is important that it has a long service life, even if it is decorated for a long time, the surface is still very lubricious, no trace of wear and tear, touch, is still very textured.

Marble processing

Home furnishing marble scrap maintenance.

(1), the storage of marble shall not rain, water blisters, long time sunshine, placement to take a stand, light surface relative, the reverse side of the slab should be supported by wooden bars, the following should be padded wooden square.

(2), when transporting, grouting cement mortar, should take measures to prevent bumping, water to prevent immersion.

(3), home furnishing marble construction process should be laid with the wipe clean, wipe clean cloth using soft cloth and dry cloth;.

(4), the room should be temporarily blocked 24 hours after laying, shall not be on people;.

(5), pave the room and then stop other operations construction should be in the air cover plate to maintain

1, scrub marble tiles do not use steel wire balls and other hard objects, generally use a wet cloth to remove the surface stains

2, bathroom marble tiles if the water rust, soap scum, grease and other stains, you can buy stain cream to wipe clean, stain cream is not expensive

3, tile crevices can use a brush dipped in a little stain removal cream to remove dirt, in order to prevent water seepage and mold growth, you can brush waterproofing agent in the crevices