Home furnishing marble can bring a deep and heavy sense of culture and history


Home furnishing marble stone taken from the underground high-quality rock layer, after 10,000 years of natural aging, the form is extremely stable, do not have to worry about because of time, temperature difference and change, the natural texture witnessed the earth flow through the years, marble whether from the building, research or aesthetics, have a very high value mining difficulty in the world of mining marble mines using diamond rope saw mining stone, and can not The use of blasting, because blasting vibration will damage the integrity of the marble.

Mining process.

When the discovery of marble mines, complete the appropriate mining procedures, the official mining of marble stone, generally after three major steps: the preparation, the preparation before mining, marble cutting.

The difficulty of mining and the situation on the ground has a great relationship, if you encounter special circumstances of the mine, the cost of mining will be correspondingly high, the cost of the Z final product will also be very high.