Marble manufacturers are able to form the existing texture and luster of marble


Marble has been around for millions of years and its extraction, for centuries, natural marble is a favorite material for many artists, house architects and interior designers, whether for its color, its texture, its special luster or its many and varied processing methods.

When it comes to natural marble, the figure about marble is Biancococca, which is extracted from quarries in the Alps of north-central Italy and formed through manual efforts such as transportation, cutting and polishing.

In fact, since Roman times, marble manufacturers collection techniques were based on manual extraction of marble frac lines until the 18th century, when explosives were introduced into the collection techniques, which greatly accelerated the extraction of marble.

Marble also plays an important role in interior decoration and architecture, and the design of different types of marble depends on a variety of factors such as color and texture, which can affect the effectiveness of the decoration.

Many famous design architects are also partial to marble, and they often create sculptural and minimalist designs through their quirky shapes and marble textures.