Home furnishing marble quality passed before moving to the next process


The conventional thickness of marble specification plate is 18mm, according to customer demand, it can also be cut 16mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm and other thicknesses, the production process of marble specification plate can be divided into two kinds: first cut and then grind and first grind and then cut. The production process is as follows: cutting rough board - cutting - rough grinding - fine grinding - polishing - repair - inspection - packing into storage.

1. Sawing rough board: the plate cut from the marble slab is called rough board. The equipment for sawing rough slabs is diamond frame sawing machine and diamond medium cutting machine or big cutting machine. Diamond frame saw is used for large size of slabs, and diamond medium cutter and large cutter are used for small size of slabs.

2. Cutting: The bridge type cutting machine is used to divide and process the rough board.

3. Rough grinding: the purpose of rough grinding is mainly to solve the flatness and thickness of the plate, the vast majority of grinding residue to be cleaned up in the rough grinding stage, rough grinding selected No. 1 grinding stone should be selected according to the surface roughness of the rough plate. If the surface roughness or thickness deviation is large, home furnishing marble can choose diamond grinding wheel for leveling. When the roughness of the surface of the rough board is small, the thickness deviation is small to use the general grinding head for direct grinding. Rough grinding operating procedures are generally a drive before the application of flat ruler to check the flatness of the plate surface b determine the surface of a good side as a fine surface processing c first grinding surface, surface grinding flat, and then the bottom surface as a benchmark to find the thickness d grinding to give water to continuous e avoid grinding stone and half before the side collision side processing side inspection g rough grinding plate should be laid flat according to the serial number, one by one inspection, quality qualified before moving on to the next process.