Home decoration marble should first choose a composite water-based protective agent to do the bottom layer of protection


Selection of materials is very important

Theoretically speaking, the selection of materials is "decorative, functional, durable" the balance. Only with these three specifications to measure the selection of stone, to achieve "beautiful + durable" project. This is not only to the owner, but also to the planning, decoration company as.

1, decorative

Selection of stone, not only think about the role of decoration and quotation. Marble processing decorative, and the physical and chemical function of the stone, is a subtle link. For example: some marble vein rich, decorative effect is good, the price is also very affordable, but the price is fragile, easy to present cracks. Sandstone quaint and natural, is no stone can not replace, but the formation process of sandstone, the resolution of its ultra-high water absorption rate. These are not suitable for use as a sink.

2, functional

Home furnishing marble washbasin, the first two kinds: upper basin and lower basin. Regardless of which, the center of the plate to open a very large hole. This requires thinking about the bearing of the stone. The upper and lower retaining water on the countertop, in the form of long strips, is very simple to crack.

Therefore, the stone used for washbasin, can not have a clear crack, dark crack, suture line, hardness should be high. For example: purple rosy red is a typical representative of fragile stone, not applicable in the washbasin.